Health Coach, Dietitian, Nutritionist.

“My goal and mission are to Educate, Counsel, and Motivate people from Depression to Inspiration! People don’t even know that they can prevent their clinical problems by merely opting for a Healthy Lifestyle and eating customized food. Yes! I am talking about HOME FOOD! In this rush age, people are not even regular with their soul, leave aside looking after their physical activity and keeping a positive mental attitude. I want to change that” – Dt. Anna phillips

Dr. Anna phillips has completed her Doctorate in Biomedical Science, an area that at first, did not relate to her current profession. Still, she added numerous National and International certifications under her belt in Skin Cancer, Diabetes, Stress, Ayurvedic Herbs, and Diet planning and has in-depth knowledge about them all. Furthermore, she opted for a Ph.D. in “Use of the Active Principles of Withania Somnifera to treat Skin Toxicity leading to Skin Carcinoma Induced by UV- Radiation.”

Following her dream of working in health and wellness, Being Healthy Care, a registered & Certified company, is now working as a leading and eminent holistic & clinical Dietician-Nutritionist, Health-Wellness Coach & International Certified Trainer in North Carolina.

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Nourish your body, elevate your potential

Dr. Anna phillips is well known for her positive approach to everything. She holistically treats her clients and believes that all chronic diseases or metabolic disorders (Diabetes, PCOD, Hypertension, Thyroid, etc.) cannot only be prevented but also cured through diet and lifestyle changes. We all know of the line “Charity begins at home,” similarly, she says. “Your charm begins when you are at Peace with your Body.”

Her work started in 2009 as a Nutrition & Wellness Advisor, and she blossomed in 2013 as a Clinical & Sports Dietician-Nutritionist, all while getting very satisfactory results in weight management and curing LifeStyle Diseases through non-starving, scientifically planned diets. Besides all these achievements, she has a social side too, and is associated with ChildLine, orphanages and supports various causes. She also raises awareness and provides her input on health-related topics.

Further, Dr. Anna phillips adds, scientifically planned & customized “Home Food” is the key to our health and can improve your immunity and protect you to a certain extent from the ill effects of environmental and social changes. Her research has shown links between what we eat and our levels of protection against health challenges.

As a holistic coach, she also gives free breathing exercises, Pranayama, meditation, and positive thoughts to the people affected by COVID-19. As an additional qualification, she has gotten an Advance Diploma in the Russian Language and was an athlete, sportsperson, and poet in her school and college dys!

Being Healthy Care is a new kind of place to make whole person health a reality! ​”Being Healthy Care is committed to helping our patients feel better in all aspects of their lives.

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